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3D Animated Videos

Our team is built for creativity. We provide professional services in videography, animation, and design. 

Top-quality videos to attract millions of people to your brand. 

Video Commercial for Nouns Vision

End to End

Web3 Marketing

With the demand for Web3 Technology, our team has cracked the best approach to a successful project! 

With an experience of working with top-tier projects, our process will define a successful strategy for your Web3 project. 

Move in the right direction

Hire a Consultant

It’s important to take the right decisions for making a successful project. Devjeet can help you assess your business decisions with the right framework. 

He has experience with NFTs, Blockchain, and metaverse. Hire him to solve critical problems for your business. 

Devjeet Choudhury

CEO, Stellar8 Labs

Archit Jain

Lead Consultant

End to End

DApp Development

With a highly proficient team of blockchain developers, we are confident to help you build a decentralised application for your idea. 

As we move towards a decentralised future, Stellar8 Studio stands at the centre of revolution to empower creators and believers. 

Our best plans to

Scale in Web3

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Our clients say

You all are amazing and one of the best team's I've worked with!

- Salvino D'Armati
I thank the team for their professional work and good results! There is still a lot of work to accomplish all the tasks.

- Enrique
Thanks you for the quality and timely execution
of work. Very comfortable to work with.

- Tobias
Helpful FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to build a community?

On an average it takes roughly around 3-6 months to build a strong community. However, it may depend on your marketing budget. 

How long does it take to build a video commercial?

For a 30 seconds 3D video, it takes around 3-4 weeks from ideation to rendering. 

However, based on additional changes, it may take longer. 

Can I get a custom plan for my NFT project?

Yes, please. We are open to further customisation based on your needs. Kindly book a call to learn further. 

What is your average pricing?

Our services start from $300 and can go up to $10,000 a month. It totally depends on your budget. 

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